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24 October 2014


Exposing all the inadequacies of the UK Prison Service

Stanley Fletcher spent six months in one the UK’s most famous prisons where he was forced into an environment where violence and drug abuse seemed to be state condoned. “Inside Looking Out” tells his story of that time, his fight for survival and his fight to keep his self-respect.

This unusual account of daily life behind bars today is much more than another published prisoner’s diary. With episode after episode, it exposes the hidden truth about the terrible failures and rank inefficiencies of the UK’s Prison Service. These are the realities that the public never get to hear about.

He tells the details about how so many people who should never be in prison are there. He tells why there is minimal, if not zero, impact on offender rehabilitation. He writes about all the so-called improvements to the prison regime dreamt up by people who have no idea of the impact of these on people in the prisons. He explains why the Prison Officers, who are supposed to implement changes have no understanding of what they are supposed to be doing. He explains what it means when cuts in education and facilities are described as “improvements” and sold to the prisoners as a “shorter, fuller day” and why the prisoners suffer, are angry and react to this.

““I have met numerous people I knew were innocent. They were unfairly arrested and, even though they were found not guilty later, their lives had changed forever, for the worse, and there was never, ever, an apology from the system … from anyone, nor will there ever be. To put an innocent person in this environment is the biggest state crime of all.” “From some prison workers I have occasionally experienced kindness and compassion, but from others victimisation, humiliation and even hatred. The worst, and most common thing you get from them is a cold indifference. Nobody should ever be so deprived of human society as to regard an institutional indifference as a reasonable, normal way of being treated.”

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What People Say:

Inside Looking Out

“This is a fascinating book. Even though I have spent decades working on prison issues, there is always more to learn and the detail in this book is the most telling“

Frances Crook, Chief Executive, The Howard League for Penal Reform


“I really enjoyed this book. It is unique in that it’s the first one [prison memoir] written from the point of view of someone in the Vulnerable Person’s Unit. It is a great illustration, from the inside, of what the Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Justice, has done to the prison system”

Noel Smith, Commissioning Editor, Inside Time


Just Another Day

There were no T-shirts in the kit change this week. The officer forget to collect them and rather than go back for them they just “weren’t available”. The ones from last week would have to suffice. With the heating being turned on it was an easy job to wash them in the sink and dry them on the pipes…….
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Education, What Education

I press the bell and Officer angry at having just sat down in his office on the twos opens the flap and shouts

“What do you want?”

“Educating please Sir” in a manner that more like Oliver asking for more and a direct opposite to his tone

Oh F**k they have forgotten you” ……
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New Regime

they tell me no one was opened this afternoon, no information just no collection. So much for the Governments plans to make us work to earn privileges when the work and education is cut, so much for fairness and rehabilitation when the tools to help people learn new skills is stopped. So what is the point of prison if you…..
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